Classics Illustrated ‘Jane Eyre’

Classics Illustrated
Issue 39 1968
Published by Gilbertson Company, USA
Cover by Norman Nodel (painting)
Story : ‘Jane Eyre’ … Script: Charlotte Bronte (original); Albert Sundell (adaptation); Pencils: H. J. Kihl; Inks: H. J. Kihl

John Weeks

Omega Science Digest

Omega Science Digest
January-February 1984
Published by Magazine Promotions, Australia
Cover by Robert T. McCall
Science Stories
Science Fiction stories by David King, Dene Wells, Paul Cowdy
Interior colour art by Philip Caville, Robert T. McCall, David Egge, April Lawton, Dale Gustafson, Jeff Mangiat, Ed Soyka, Frantz Kantor, Tony Dwyer

John Weeks

Heroes & Villains – Australian Comics And Their Creators

Heroes & Villains – Australian Comics And Their Creators
Published by the State Library of Victoria, 2006
’52 pages of chills, thrills & adventure – full colour!’
A variety of Australian comic covers featured. For example … Silver Starr, The Phantom, Gem Comics, Catman, Phantom Stranger, Skippy, True Pirate Comics, Flynn of the FBI, The Shadow, The Mask, Vampire!, Twilight Ranger

Heroes & Villains - Australian Comics and Their Creators

John Weeks