Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Monthly 2

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Monthly, Issue 2
Published by Newton Comics, Australia
Colour cover; Black and White interior
84 pages (inc covers), January 1976
Cover Art : Shulli
Stories featured …
Shang-Chi  in  ‘A Hatred For All Seasons’ … by Doug Moench (w), Mike Vosburg & Jack Abel (a)
The Sons of the Tiger  in  ‘Storm of Vengeance’ … by Bill Mantlo (w), George Perez & Al Milgrom (a)
Shang-Chi  in  ‘A Contest of Truth’… by by Doug Moench (w), Mike Vosburg & Jack Abel (a)
PLUS Various articles

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Monthly 4 [Newton]

John Weeks

Savage Tales, Issue 1

Savage Tales, Issue 1, 1972
Published by The K. G. Murray Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Australia
52 Pages, B&W interior.
Stories featured …
Ka-Zar, Lord of the Lost Jungle, in ‘The Night of the Looter’ … by Stan Lee (w), John Buscema (a)
‘The Fury of the Femizons’ … by Stan Lee (w), John Romita Sr (a)
Conan The Barbarian  in  ‘The Frost Giant’s Daughter’ … by Roy Thomas (w), Barry Windsor-Smith (a)
‘How To Become A Werewolf’
[The Origin of the Man-Thing] … Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway (w); Gray Morrow (a)

Savage Tales 1 [Murray Publisher]

John Weeks

World’s Finest Comic Monthly 111

World’s Finest Comic Monthly 111
Issue 111
Published by The K. G. Murray Publishing Company, Australia
52 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior, 1974
Cover by Nick Cardy
Stories include …
The Flash in ‘Green Lantern, Master Criminal of the 25th Century’ … by Cary Bates (w), Irv Novick & Dick Giordano (a)
‘Lost In Time’ … horror story by Bill Dennehy (w), Gerry Talaoc (a)
Wonder Woman in ‘Attack of the Sky Demons’ … by Ric Estrada (a)
Challengers of the Unknown’ in ‘The Monster Maker’ … by Jack Kirby

World's Finest Comic Monthly 111 Murray Publishers Australia

John Weeks